Day 4 of AEDM

Click on the link above to see the collective creative goodness of Day 4 from fellow creative beasties!

Today has been one of THOSE days.  With that said, I managed to drill a few holes for the arms & legs on the doll, researched how to make combat boots for dolls & found a photo for mashed potato coloring reference.  You know, just an average day in the life of a creative person with a lot of projects in the proverbial fire.

The good thing was I had the house to myself for a bit.  It’s become a rare commodity since the pandemic.

Here is a picture of the first coat of paint on the mashed potato portion of the Cafeteria Lady’s crown.  They still look grey & unappetizing.  A few more coats ought to do the trick with a bit of dry brushing for good measure.

There will be changes in the school schedule next week because of COVID. I’m glad they’re moving back to the hybrid model & not going fully remote.

That’s all the bandwidth I’ve got for tonight. Have a great evening & I’ll catch you tomorrow!

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3 Responses to Day 4 of AEDM

  1. Erika N says:

    There’s something about white paint that doesn’t always cover with 1 coat, even if they say it is supposed to. Glad you had some you time. It is always a good thing.

  2. I’m enjoying following your progress of the Cafeteria Lady’s doll. Those mashed potatoes don’t quite look good enough to eat, but I bet by the time you’ve painted them several times, they will. You are SO creative.

  3. I am enjoying the process of this doll. I am looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

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