Day 30 of AEDM

Click on the picture above for additional Day 30 creative goodness.  Sadly, it’s the last day.

Participating in this challenge helped me.  It helped me get back in touch with my muses & creative beastie.  It’s helped me realize how important creating is as a ritual, as a rooting, and as something that plugs me in.  And, sure it helps me escape the crazy world we live in right now, but… it gives me hope & possibility & the courage to dream again.  I, my friends, had lost my spark.

I’m going to continue to blog about what I’m up to because I enjoy it.  It’s also a way to keep me accountable.  I have some big ideas for 2021.  There is a hint of that in the December page for my bullet/to-do list journal.

Tomorrow begins my month-long birthday celebration as I turn 53 on the 13th. Plus, BONUS, on the 14th I begin to sing the 12 days of Christmas to the only child left at home, The Bun. Heh, heh, heh, I could send a text to The Son Unit every day with the new line added in each daily text. Mwhahahahahaha… Excuse me, I digress.

I got troubles… I got Gourd Troubles… *sings in best Elvis Presley voice which is not good by any means. The dogs have covered their ears & skulked into the living room to hide*

Remember those looooong needles I ordered? This is where they come in! First up, let’s show off those sexy legs.

They are stuffed, sewn shut & ready to attach. I’ll create the “combat boot” part later.

Now here’s where the needle comes in… (it’s also good to poke pesky husbands. I wouldn’t know. That’s what I heard & my sources are… well questionable at best.)

I’m making button joints where the leg attaches to the body. I used to perform complicated invasive surgery on the gourd’s bottom. It was much easier to feed the threaded needle (a shorter one) back & forth until the legs were attached. I wanted to get rid of the whole surgery part. Well, technically there is still surgery, more of an outpatient thing since I have to drill holes. The gourd is unharmed, properly sedated & receives the best care while this is going on. I only hire the best minion assistants I can lure for the job. Anyway…

Now, there are legs! Look at that! They’re poseable. They can hold the doll up! At least for now as I haven’t added the voluminous amount of hair, the horns, or wings.

PHEW!  There is so much more to go.  There are hair implants, create the combat boots, make the horns & schedule a horn implant, make the wings & schedule the wing implants, create an armature for the flippers, stuff them & attach & THEN, last but not least make the clothes.

Thanks for all that joined me on this AEDM adventure.  I hope your day or evening has been full of marvel & wondrous things.  Stay safe!

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