Day 29 of AEDM

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It happened AGAIN.  The Hubs & I ventured out yesterday to do a bit of Christmas shopping, took a ride in the car & got the grocery shopping done.  We have a snow storm coming in the wee hours of the morning Monday & that was going to be a run hither & thither sort of day.  Plans have morphed & changed!

TODAY, because of said incoming weather, we had to remove the mower deck from the tractor, put that away & shuffle around a few things.  Then, we had to get the other tractor ready, put it in its spot, put on the snow chains & cover it with a tarp.  That tractor wouldn’t start.  So it’s back to the other tractor to put the snowblower on it.  Who makes these things?  They are heavy.  They are not easy to put on & I had to get up close & personal with not only parts of the tractor but the cold ground too.  We don’t have a barn or a garage, in case you were wondering.  We have two sheds so it’s always a puzzle fitting everything in.  Anyhoo…

It feels like the calm before the storm. I’d look one way & with a shadow of green fuzz from the winter wheat, you’d think it was spring. You look the other way to the back where the corn has been harvested & it feels like fall.

Everything is tucked in with tarps & we’re ready for the snow. Our generator which has paid for itself already is in its new spot & ready to go if we need it.

The tractor is all tucked in ready to go when the snow settles.

So here’s what’s going to happen. Either we are going to get a big nothing burger OR we’ll get way more than they expected. I’m hoping for more than expected. This will be our first snowstorm of the season & perhaps because it’s supposed to be with us through Tuesday, there will be no school that day!

That’s all to report from the Flatlands of NW Ohio this evening! Ignore that red glow on the horizon. It’s just my nose from being outside in the fresh air, sunshine & wind.  Hope your day or evening is grand.

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