Day 27 of AEDM

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Today. Ah, today got away from me in so many ways.

The things that needed doing like washing the bedsheets, the doggo blankie because of Hound Dog Eau De Parfum & the doggo beds on the floor next to our bed. They radiate a stench just below the olfactory radar. You can smell it, then you can’t & then you can. I really need to train these girls to take their own baths, stop sharing their fur everywhere & leave the room when they fart.  Who am I kidding?

Then, as I’m nearing the finish line of the things that need doing I hear, “Honey. Can you help me with this? It should only take about 5 minutes.” Nope. It took far longer. Oh, let’s run the wood planer outside! Let’s put the wife on the side where all the sawdust shoots out! He took the leaf blower to me to get rid of all the sawdust. I have to say that was brilliant & it worked. There’s a raunchy pun I could make, but we’ll keep this a rated G post.  After that, The Bun wanted my input.  It was one of those days where as soon as I was ready to dive into the next thing needing doing, someone needed or wanted me for something.

ALL OF THAT just to say, I’m sharing pictures today.

The Hubs had a nice fire going while he was cutting up pallets.

I checked on the Gourdlings who are drying out fabulously. It’s hard to imagine between the poles, this was a jungle of gourd leaves & vines just a few months ago.

It’s still fascinating to see the difference in curing between a gourd nestled in the vines vs one that’s exposed to the elements.

I’m positive some other gourd seeds were mixed in or had been cross-pollinated. I did not order any sort of gourd with bumps or gourds this large. That’s part of the fun when growing things.

I don’t know if this happens in your house with Thanksgiving leftovers… I was on the phone with my Mom. I heard the distinct clinking of a glass lid being removed from its glass bottom. I told my Mom to hold on & ran into the kitchen. Just in the nick of time (I need to explore exactly how a “nick” relates to time… )to stop The Hubs from devouring leftovers for lunch. He had to make a choice, leftovers for lunch, or I make turkey lasagna for supper. You could see the furl of his brow grow deeper & the disappointment of not being able to have both. In life, one does not always get your mashed potatoes with gravy. He opted for the turkey lasagna. Here’s a link to the recipe:

I don’t quite have the amounts of everything the recipe calls for, except for the turkey. Will that stop me? Why no! I am the MacGyver of making do with what I have & bending it to my will type of person or at least give it a go & have it either fail fantastically or go well swimmingly.  It’s a toss-up.  My confidence in my abilities is quite high today.

That’s all I have to report on this 27th day of Art Every Day Month.  Stay safe out there!

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