Day 12 of AEDM

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The silicone adventure continues…

And, spectacularly failed.  I used silicone sealer earlier & once again, no stick.  Sigh.  I have one last trick up my sleeve… push pins.  I’ll pin the suckers in place.  If that doesn’t work, then it will be cornless mashed potatoes & we’ll move on to the flies.

I wrapped the bottom portion of the headband with yellow tulle & added some felt to the portion that sits on your head.  So close to being finished, I can almost taste it!

These fun weapons um, err tools arrived.  They are upholstery needles.   Someone may have not thought through the measurements & have a few that are way longer than needed.  These will make attaching legs & arms to dolls so much easier.  Previously, I had a barely long enough needle to handle the arms.  I had to cut out the bottom of the gourd to attach the legs.  Once the legs were attached, I’d glue the back the portion that was cut.  It’s an extra step I have eliminated.  Yeah!

This one was, again, short & sweet.  Stay safe & have an awesome day, rest of the evening or sweet dreams!

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3 Responses to Day 12 of AEDM

  1. I hope this final approach works for you. I feel for you, since you’ve gotten this far and I would hate that you have put in all that time and can’t add the corn. I don’t suppose you have tried E6000. Not sure it would work, but it would be worth a try. It’s my go-to adhesive. OR have you tried the site It specializes in gluing one thing to another.

    Those needles look dangerous. Did you get them at a sale or ????

    • tracy says:

      Hey there! E6000 won’t work & I was kinda bummed as that’s my go-to glue. Thanks for the this to that site rec. I’ve bookmarked it for future references!

      I found them on Amazon. I wasn’t sure how long of a needle I needed so I went with the pack of multi-sizes. I could have a mini sword fight with them!

  2. Erika N says:

    This is fun to follow. Hmmm. I am trying to figure out how you will exactly use those upholstery needles!

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