Daemon Island

Welcome! Welcome! I do apologize, the portal to Daemon Island is closed for repairs.

Let’s check your papers.  Yes indeed.  You have the correct Interdimensional Time & Space Travel Voucher in hand.  Please hang onto this and keep it in a safe place.  You will be able to use it when you return.

When will the Island be open?  Uhm.  Well. We aren’t sure. Upper management has sequestered herself behind a prickly bush & won’t tell us a thing.   We hear an awful lot of giggling and snickering back there.  I hate to say this, but… we think there’s been some kerfuffle with Captian Lord Dampnut and the island.  You know how it is getting humans involved in these… Oh!  You’re human. My apologies! Oh, gosh, I put my foot right in it, as they say.  Please don’t report this. Imaginary jobs for imaginary folks such as myself are hard to find these days.

In the meantime, may I suggest visiting The Library? It’s where you can read about the fantastical adventures of a few Daemons.  It’s a large space (it looks smaller on the outside then what’s inside they say).  I’d recommend you begin with The Unabridged Story of Daemons.  It’s a fantastical tale.