Blowing Off The Stink

I took a hot minute to walk outside to blow some stink off. Hey, it works for the cats so I figured it ought to work for humans too.

It’s the kind of early morning where the air is so still words will shatter it like glass. Snow gently fell upon my being like the softest of kitten kisses.

I must remember to go out & blow the stink off more often.

Now, I’m back in The Lair, a favorite candle is lit & I’m prepping for another creative meeting with Claude & The Muses & then some writing. Claude insists there needs to be a wee history lesson about Daemons. Claude began narrating it to me while I was driving to The Land of Lunch yesterday. Thank the phones, there is a recording app.

If you think yesterday’s meeting was strange, this story Claude began takes the cake. It’s about the Viking Augustus Albert Georges Walker (name changed to protect his & any descendants identities) who discovered Daemons & introduced them to humans. Because of that fateful day, humans are now the favorite pet project of Daemons due to their brains being too big for their britches. They don’t bother with your every day mammal such as dogs, cats, or cows. They have no worries about poultry or fish or insects because as species, they have their shit together.

This story, thus far, is… well… quite unbelievable. Claude insists it’s all true & a tale that needs to be told. We’ll see.

Deep breath… I’m going in.

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