A Peek Inside a Creative Meeting

The Daemon: “I’d like to start by telling you my name.”

Me: “I thought we weren’t going to do that.”

The Muses: Giggling behind three pairs of clawed hands. I give them a stern glare.

The Daemon: “It’s important. And, I want a little bio, an introduction if you will… as you’d see on a dating site. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

The look on my face is a cross between incredulous, a light bulb has gone off & exasperation.

The Daemon: “ I rather like Claude.”

Me: “…..”

Me: “Fine, Claude. Whatever you want.”

Claude smiled disturbingly wide with a mouth full of glinting sharp teeth.

Me: “Stop smiling at me like that. Okay, so let’s hear your bio.” Jesus Take The Wheel I’m going to regret asking.

Claude presented a piece of paper, typed in what I can only describe as chicken scratch.

It read: “Hello. My name is Claude. I’m a scrawny red Daemon into hairy big toes, writing poetry & crooning 50’s love songs in hot places. If you like a great pair of horns (wink wink) and long lashes then I’m the one for you! Please bring ample baby oil.”

Me: “Uhm… NO! I don’t think that’s the direction we want to go. Muses?”

The Muses were picking Gawd knows what from their teeth & ignored me.

Me: “Look. You’re all about empowerment & standing in the truth of who you are and… and… Damnit!”

Claude: “Exactly. So if I’m into collecting hairy big toes er, I mean liking them & crooning in hot places, then I’m being true to myself which is the whole point of my existence & setting a good example.”

Claude: “And furthermore, stop trying to cute & flufffify me.”

Me: “First, point taken & fluffify is not a real word. Second, I don’t know. That’s so random & strange & weird. Oh Holy Hell, let me think about this. Meeting adjourned.”

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