The She Who Series

The She Who reside in a place called The WhatIf.

The WhatIf is similar to the rabbit hole of Wonderland. It’s like a portal to other places and spaces. It’s tricky because in The WhatIf you can embark on grand adventures or get stuck in The Loops. Where you land depends on your current mode of What-Iffing.

It starts by asking, “What if”? I bet you’ve visited there often and didn’t realize it. Here’s an example of one of the adventurous places I discovered:

It began with the question, “What if spiders collect dew in their webs to make “Dew Drop Tea”?

“What if that tea is ancient and magical”?

“What if you drink it”?

“What if it sends you onto the Web of Your Life”?

“What if Spider Faeries exist”?

That’s how I met one which is a story for another day.

Let’s discuss the tricky bit, The Loops. Here’s an example of that.

“What if the test is positive”?

“What if the diagnosis is a horrible disease”?

“What if I fail”?

It’s not fun hanging out in The Loops versus A Grand Adventureland. Here you will spin with worry, angst, and fear. Lawd knows I’ve spent a few hot minutes or two in there.

The first She Who showed up when I asked, “What if I’m a dreamer?”

“I think I’m a dreamer.”

“I’m She Who Dreams!”

She Who Dreams, the first of three, expressed themselves as masks. I decided the She Who weren’t going anywhere as masks. I chose to pursue other gourd adventures. Plus, I was completely clueless about The WhatIf at the time.

It’s a place I often visit because that’s how my brain works. It wasn’t long, and I heard the whispers of The She Who.

What if there was a sisterhood of Goddesses called The She Who? What if they help us embrace our uniqueness? And, what if the things are our imperfections are in reality our magic? What If we can embody and embrace a She Who? What can she tell us? How does she look?

It wasn’t long, and I was back in The WhatIf with a sisterhood of She Who clamoring for attention. One side effect of a visit with a She Who is I usually need to learn or embrace her message.

Want to talk to your She Who? It’s super easy. You know what I’m going to say, yes?

It all starts with, “What if?”