She Who Growls

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Dimensions:  13″H X 4″W

She Who Growls is boundaries.

She says, “I am worthy of respect. I am a fellow human being. I love you and myself enough to say no! Here you may not tread.”

The great cats are no prudes when it comes to standing their ground when crossing a boundary. A curl of the lip and low deep growl rumbling from the chest states, “Go no further.”

In our “be nice” culture conditioning, we forget that boundaries are healthy and needed. Boundaries keep you safe. It is your right and choice who is in your life and to what degree.

Don’t confuse boundaries that keep you tiny and caged. Those are thouhereghts and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Healthy boundaries are speaking up.  Boundaries are powerful. Boundaries are freedom.

She Who Growls is fierce.

I dare you to embrace your She Who Growls.

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