She Who Dances Between Worlds

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Dimensions: 19″H X 13 1/2″W

She Who Dances Between Worlds is within all of us.

She’s there when we dream. She’s there in our daydreams. She’s there when you see and feel the true essence of a tree, a flower, a place, a space. She’s there when you pierce the mists of time.

Dancing between worlds can be a two edged sword. If you are unhappy and not centered in your own world, you may be tempted to spend more time in other worlds that are not your home. It far too easy to lose yourself and can be an arduous journey back. The old adage, wherever you go, there you are applies a thousand fold when traveling.

Dancing between worlds is a muscle that must be developed. It starts within your imagination. Imagination gives you the eyes, the ears and the senses to see, hear and feel what others can not.

Dancing between worlds is a summoning to learn, to share and to grow. Each world you dance your way into has something to teach, to offer. Something you can bring back home with you. On your path you will meet fellow dancers who will visit your world. Offer them blessings. Share your stories so they may in turn share in their world.

Dancing between worlds allows you to tap into the primal mists of time, space, and place. She is a priestess touched by a Divine calling to travel, to share, to discover.

Lose yourself dear one. Feel the pulse of the drum, the brush of the snare, the music float. Move. Sway. Dance. Dance. Dance.

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