Q’s & A’s

How do I send you moola?
I use PayPal exclusively for online purchases. You can make credit card payments without having a PayPal account & it’s easy peasy.

Do I have to pay sales tax?
Only if you live in Ohio.

I sent you the moola. Now, where’s my art?
Shipment is made within three (3) days after I receive your payment. Keep in mind that payment using E-check through PayPal will take five (5) days to clear so that will delay your shipment a day or two. I will send you the tracking number & expected arrival date.

Is shipping really included in the price?
It sure is!

How do you ship?
Currently I use UPS and every shipment is insured. If you want a different carrier, please let me know at the time you place your order.

I like big boxes, I can not lie… but this is ridiculous!
I want your art to arrive snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug without any damage. Every piece is lovingly wrapped up (with unwrapping instructions included) & packed into a box & then packed centered into another box. This minimizes the chances of breakages.

Oh crap, my artwork arrived damaged! Now what?
Step one is to contact me within 48 hours of receiving your package. Please e-mail me a picture of the damage if possible so I can see what we’re dealing with.

Step two, after reviewing the picture we’ll determine how to proceed.

If the item is repairable, I’ll have you send it back to me within 5 days. I’ll refund you the shipping cost. Once it’s repaired, I’ll send it back to you.

If the item is irreparable, you will need to return the artwork within 5 days. I will refund the cost of shipping. Also, we will determine if you’d like a replacement piece made or a full refund. Keep in mind that Mother Nature makes gourds so each one is unique so an approximate to the original can be achieved, but not a carbon copy.

I changed my mind/Not What I was Expecting
If for any reason you are not happy with your artwork, please contact me within 48 hours of receiving your package. The item must be returned to me within 5 business days and in excellent condition in order for me to give you a 100% purchase refund. I will not refund you the return shipping cost.

Do you make custom orders?
Custom orders/requests are on a case-by-case basis. A few things to keep in mind:

Anything licensed (i.e. Disney, Marvel, registered sports teams, etc. because it’s illegal)
Occupational style artwork figures (i.e. nurses, firemen, policemen, doctors, lawyers, etc.)
Lamps, bowls, decorated gourds, or jewelry

Inspirational Figurative Art
Figurative Art for Altars
Magickal Beasts & Beasties
Talismatic Pieces
Artwork that causes you to wonder and/or daydream

Please contact me HERE for a custom order & we’ll have a chat.

Me! Me! Me! I want that piece you’re working on & haven’t finished yet!
Lately, this has become a “thing” which totally blows my hair back & I appreciate a billionity-fold. If a work-in-progress speaks to you, please let me know. I’ll put your name on the wait-list. This list is first come, first served. If you choose not to purchase the piece, the next person on the list will have the opportunity, so forth and so on and etc.

Of course if there are any other questions I didn’t answer give me a holler HERE.