Semi Mild-Mannered Lunch Lady by day
Gourd Woman by night
(Or just please tell me more about this Tracy person & her art)

I’m a self-taught artist living in the Flatlands of NW Ohio formerly known as The Great Black Swamp.   I was born and raised in New Hampshire.  Long story for another time about how I went from there to here.

Gourds happened in 2004 and I was hooked.

My family is chuck-a-buck full of entrepreneurs and creative beasties.  Most of that rubbed off except for the musical genes.  Caterwauling is my preferred method of singing.

Gourds have scrumptious shapes and curves.  They are perfect for figurative sculpture. Sure, they look like a dirty squash that needs a bath after traveling Lawd knows where. Underneath that is a magickal and mystical being waiting to appear.  This being has something to share: a story, a poem, a message.

Gourds help me answer the question, “What if?”

What if those spider webs in the grass are really faerie party tents?
What if spiders collect dew on their webs to make dew drop tea?
What if trees whisper to each other in the language of Breeze?
What does a tree really look like?
What if we had access to sassy, fiercely wise beings that could help us to embrace our uniqueness?
What if those things we’ve been told weren’t so great are instead our magick?
What would they tell us?
What would they look like?

Gourds remind me that Life is magical, full of mystery and you’re never ever too old for anything. That’s what I want you to remember: the magic, the mysteries yet discovered within you and to keep asking, “What if?” It changes everything.

The Door Knob
I grasp the cold brass.
What lies behind the doorway?
Magic or mundane?
©Tracy Swartz January 16, 2010