I am a self-proclaimed purveyor of Gourd Oddities and Curiosities. This means my triplicate muses (who look like Betty White) go traveling to various realms regaling stories of the human world. Sometimes, they meet beings who would like to visit us, to help us, to make us think, to cause us to look at our world and our lives with new eyes.

They bring the being to me for introductions and nine times out of ten, I fall in love or am moved and just have to have them come in for a visit. I provide the container so they can stay with us in this realm. That container happens to be hard shell gourds.

This means there are meetings with the gourds for a volunteer (I call them Gourdlings), arrangements with the interdimensional customs peeps to get them from their realm to ours, and more meetings as we create the container. The gourds, the muses, the being and I all have a say in this process. And you thought the voices in your head were loud.

What?  You want more?

I’m a self-taught artist living in the Flatlands of NW Ohio formerly known as The Great Black Swamp.  Gourds happened in 2004 and I was hooked.  My gourd was gobsmacked by a gourd named Gourd Woman.  True story.

I hadn’t a clue what a gourd was.  I just knew I had to find out more.  She drew me in & thank the stars, my friend gifted her to me.  I was taking copious amounts of pictures as we shared a booth at a parking lot flea market.  I was making & selling dream pillows at the time.  Gourd Woman whispered to me of new paths & creativity.

Here’s a short list of fun facts:

  • Mild-mannered lunch lady by day, Gourd Woman by night (with a cape)
  • I’m the Pet Hooman of 5 felines, 2 canines & Benito (Bennie) Betta Feesh.
  • Favorite color is Purple add orange to that & I’m swooning.
  • I am an unabashed fan of 90’s Dance music.
  • Ditto the above for Boulet Brother’s Dragula.
  • I love mind-bendy outside of the box people.
  • I will have a VW minibus one day.  I WILL!
  • I can inhale ice cream at an unholy speed & don’t get brain freeze.  It’s a gift.
  • I can’t hold a tune or note but caterwaul with the best of them.
  • I enjoy music at ear blistering levels.
  • I love shoes that are wearable works of art.
  • I love teenagers.  Really. Really.
  • I’m in touch with my inner teenager way too much.
  • I’ve been grounded to my room by my kids for being too hooeyish.

This Haiku best sums up my perspective & how I look at the world.

The Door Knob
I grasp the cold brass.
What lies behind the doorway?
Magic or mundane?
©Tracy Swartz January 16, 2010